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Penelope is a virtual phone system – it does all the clever stuff; transferring calls, voicemail, call routing – but it’s designed for small businesses.

  • A national or regional number for your business
  • A phone system in your pocket
  • Flexible call answering support in the background

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So many benefits...

Penelope is designed to make your business look bigger, sound more professional, and able to capture every single call. And that’s not all; you also gain unprecedented flexibility over where your calls ring – choose your mobile, home or office number, any number, anywhere!

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Inclusive minutes**

Fly £39 a month

Business is booming. You need all the benefits of a phone system, without the associated cost.

Sprint £29 a month

You have ambitious plans. You need to make your business look and sound bigger.

Run £21 a month

Every call matters. You need the flexibility of routing your calls to any number, anywhere.

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Clever call routing at your fingertips

Penelope can be controlled via a very simple app, which transforms your mobile device into a fully-functional phone system.

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