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Richard Markie

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Blue Star Print Solutions is an independent Northamptonshire based print management business working with clients of all sizes across the UK.

As a small but growing business, answering the telephone was a problem all too often, with Richard juggling tasks when in the office and struggling to stay on top of his calls when in meetings or out on the road. Here he explains how Penelope is the solution he had been looking for:

“I knew Moneypenny from reading about the company in the news so when I heard they had launched a new product specifically for small businesses I was very interested to find out more. For me it is so important to make sure my business phone is always answered professionally and to never miss a call as it is likely to be from an existing customer or a new order. Penelope works from an app on my phone so wherever I am and whatever I am doing I can manage my calls effortlessly by routing them to the location that works best for me whether that be my mobile, landline, home, office or voicemail. I can also direct calls to a colleague, which is becoming increasingly important as the business grows, or to a Moneypenny PA who will answer on my behalf, so I have all bases covered.

“Penelope gives me amazing flexibility and is the perfect fit for a business like mine. It’s incredibly easy to set up and great value for money. It gives me complete peace of mind and makes my business far more responsive. I feel so much more in control which makes for more productive days while ensuring my customers are getting the best possible service.”

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